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Notes Test 1 (got 94% in the course)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2501

Intro to Current Social Problems4 conceptsoSociological approachoDefining social problemsoSociological perspectives 4 of themoResearch1Sociological approachaObjectivebSystematiccLink between people and societydSociological imagination where biography meets historyiBe able to link and distinguish between1Personal troubles2Public issues2What is a social problemaA social condition that has negative consequences for individuals the social world or the physical worldbProblems can threaten social institutionsiThe family spousal abuseiiEducation the rising cost of college tuitioniiiThe economy unemploymentcProblems can threaten the physical worldiGlobal warming oil spills toxic waste urbanizationdObjective and subjective realities of social problemsiObjective realitycomes from acknowledging that a particular social condition exists1Ex some harmful chemicals enter our environmentiiSubjective realityaddresses how a problem becomes defined as a problem1Ex how much of a harmful chemical must be present to constitute a problemeConstructionismissues become problems when we perceive them as such in the eye of the beholder3Sociological perspectivesaTheorya set of assumptions and propositions used for explanation prediction and understandingiMacro theoriesfocus on societal level analysisiiMicro theoriesfocus on individual level analysis4PerspectivesaFunctionalismiSociety like the human bodyiiAll parts of society have functionsiiiFunctions can be1Manifestintended and recognized2Latentunintended functionsivDysfunctions of social structure1Dysfunctional families stress out members2But also serve functions enable existence of counselorsbConflictiSociety is held together by power and coercion1For benefit of those in power2Social problems emerge from group conflictaPowerful groups usually winiiBiggest social problem is1The system itself and
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