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Chapter 1Public and Private FamiliesContemporary Family Contexttraditional nuclear familyDad serves as breadwinnersMom is homemaker womens workLeave it to BeaverFather knows bestBreadwinnerhomemaker Patriartrical Modern FamiliesMore current representation of American familyGay fathers with Asian babiesDiversity can either be tolerated or of great concernor as is often the case people can hold reservations about diverse family forms but still be tolerant of others decisionsAmericans are ambivalentcontradictory feelingswhile you think the heterosexual partners is the best way to go you dont care if your neighbors are gay with adopted kidTraditionalConservative ViewpointMost Americans fall in between thisnegative outcomes for children are due to the diversification of family formsthey believe its important to reproduce families with traditional structures traditional nuclear family is central for the maintenance of important social systemsfavor public policy that encourages this model LeftLiberal Viewpointsociety can adjust to new family formspluralism and diversity are viewed as beneficial to important social systemspluralism where minority groups are accepted into society but can still uphold their manifestations people accept others practicing diff things than our ownpublic policies should support families of all typesIndividualism and Familiesdefining and contextualizing individualism prioritiesdeveloping as a person is one of the big prioritieshe differentiates between utilitarian pull yourself up by your bootstraps to selfactualizationWhat is a FamilyExtremesFamily are so diverse the concept might not be usefulwhat sociologists useTheres traditional family form is the one and only way to goEconomicsEconomic theorythinking of family economicallyMiddleclass upperclassImportant because billions of dollars and funding are allocated to familiesIf you arent defined economically as a family you arent getting the money cultural contexttypically monogamy in UScultural distinctions between familiesHow doshould we define familyTwo questions that are askedHow well are families are taken care of children elderly and chronically illHow do families support each other financiallyA group of two or more people one of whom is the householder related by birth marriage or adoption and residing together US Census 2005A family is any group of persons united by the ties of marriage blood or adoption or any sexually expressive relationship in which 1 the adults cooperate financially for their mutual support 2 the people are committed to one another in an intimate interpersonal relationship 3 the members see their individual identities as importantly attached to the group and 4 the group has an identity of its own DeGenova 2008You can study gay marriage adoption any type of family broad1No stipulation on where people can liveeven if you dont live in same household you can be family2At least two people are committed for some period of time during this time everything else has to happen as wellFamily forms DeGenova 2008Voluntarily ChildlessSingleParentNuclearFamily of OriginFamily of ProcreationExtended FamilyBlended or Reconstituted Family StepfamilyBinuclearPolygamous polygynous or polyandrousPatriarchalMatriarchalGay or LesbianCohabitingIdeal typecategorization of a type of group we look at relationships between a certain groupStudying FamiliesThere is no single definition of a family that is adequate for all purposesHow you define a family depends on what questions you want to answer1Publicroles One adult or two adults who are related by marriage partnership or shared parenthood who isare taking care of dependentsPublic goodsthings that may be enjoyed by people who do not themselves produce thempublic benefits from parents raising childrenwrite moreLooking at families contribution to societyFreeriderConception of the public family is grounded in economic theoryyou can distil it down to matters of costsbenefits and exchangeExternalitiespositivenegativeEither be a cost or a benefit ex pollution 2The Private Family
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