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SOCL2501CurrentSocialProblems INTRO REVIEW Culture environment values and beliefs social norms unspoken rules of behaviorSocial norms are very important to cultureOn top of all this we have a belief systemCulture is kind of a fog over an area It influences the people within itCultural Relativity Your culture is based on our culture it is not something you define it is something you doIt is how we were raisedHow does our culture influence the way we think about thingsEX what time does your family eat dinnerAll different times but it doesnt really matterTheory educated guesses that attempt to explain information and data quantitative or qualitativeSometimes there is nothing you can do with the informationThe more information you have the better the theory you can have about somethingFunctionalism every social institution phenomenon limited situation has a purpose or function with effectsThe effects may not be something we like It can be negativeConflict always about power and resourcesInequality is all about the means Someone has something that other people wantEX class Teacher has information and grades that I need So I go to classSymbolic Interactionism microtheory Human interaction on a small levelWe interact with one another on a level of shared meaningsIf you talk to someone about something they dont know about they dont understand at allEX Kids and TV or video games explained to grandparentsWe often assume that all people understand the same things as we doWe learn these shared symbols as childrenEX raising your hand in classThere is always some type of cycle with symbolic interactionismSocial Construction of Reality idea that a lot of things that people consider to be real are actually made up by society because of cultureValues and beliefEX Think about a really small town in the middle of no where Not a lot of social interaction with the outside world They only hear about local activity Their norms are based on this If someone says skunks can cure cancer most people will actually believe this in this townSome ideas are believed as real but are actually just social beliefsINTRO TO SOCIAL PROBLEMSWhat is a problemProblem An existing condition that is inconsistent with or threatening to our values or beliefsWhen our values become challenged by something going onThere can be many levels of size of problemsWe are in a unique period with social normsIdentifying these problems can be difficult because it is subjectiveConsumerism does it really matterWhat makes a problem socialCaused by social factorsThe more people they involve the bigger they becomeMust be harmful to many individualsThe more people it harm the bigger the problemSocial harm ex bullyingAs people become more aware of it the bigger it getsEx poverty Becoming more and more commonIt threatens the visions society sets for one anotherAmerican dream working your way to the topBig house neighborhoods are becoming dark because people can no longer afford itImagine if some of these neighborhoods started looking like the deserted parts of Katrina neighborhoodsThree common fallacies people make when trying to condemn social problems in bookBlaming the victimBlaming the evil in every different groups
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