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the sociological imaginationq4C Wright Mills the sociologist responsible for the concept Mills saw sociological changes as the thing that shaped peoples attitudesFor example when it comes to abortion back in the day when abortions were illegal most people disapproved of them now that they are more readily available many people dont disapprove and actually abdicate for them Sociological perspective differs from personal troubles in a very evident way While personal troubles are an individuals experience of a social problem that is theyve lived through a social problem sociological imaginations goes into a broader context in which we are able to analyze our social context through gender race religion social class etc and even social locations where we find ourselves when it comes to marriage age and other aspectsWhat is a social problemSocial problem refers to an aspect of society which creates concern which people would like to change They begin with an objective condition aspect of society that can be measured or experienced Furthermore the subjective concern that is that a significant amount of people present concern over the issueObjective condition and social concern change overtime because social problems are dynamic Social problems are relative q1When sociologists say that social problems are relative they are referring to the fact that a social problem can be the solution to many people but a problem to others There reason for this is that a social problem is defined in different ways by different people that is what works for some people doesnt work for others For example mugging is not a social problem for muggers but it is a social problem for victims Power that is the ability of a person or persons to influence others plays an important role when it comes to whose definition prevailsThe history of social problems they go through four stages The first stage defining the problem the emergence of leaders and beginning to organizeFirst people have to see an objective conditions as a problem This happens when theres a chance in views which can be brought on by different aspects For example a change in values can make old patterns look different While issues become more present certain individuals start to emerge as leaders With the emergence of leaders people begin to organize with the intent of solving the issueThe second stage official responseAlthough the stage are not clear cut and most times overlap an official response can come from those with power such as legislative hearings and other sectors of the governmentafter leaders and others concerned with the social issue make it a widespread concern throughout the community The third stage reacting to the official response Once the official response comes to past it can sometimes be defined as a social problem This means that people who are on the losing end will try to change what they now see as a social problem such is the case in Hawaii Once abortion became legal prolifers saw this as a social problem which they had to reverse in order to turn things in accordance with their preference
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