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SOCL2505 Marriage And Family

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SOCL 2505
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SOCL2505 Marriage and FamilyChapter 1 Public and Private FamiliesJanuary 19 2012 One word that comes to mind when the word family is said I think supportHow we experience a family is how we tend to describe it AContemporary Family Contextatraditional nuclear familyheterosexual parents with children based on the foundation of marriageiPatriarchy a form of social organization where the family is center around the father breadwinner and the mother is the homemaker1No longer dominate only 15 of families follow this model 2The Cleavers exemplify this picture leftbLeave it to BeavercFather Knows BestiBreadwinnermakes the moneyiiHomemakerstays home to do womans workdModern familiesiA marriage centered family which is accompanied by tolerance for other family formsiiAs a society strive for a family based around marriage but we are becoming more accepting eDiversity can either be tolerated or of great concernor as is often the case people can hold reservations about diverse family forms but still be tolerant of others decisionsBTraditional Conservative ViewpointiDivorce children out of wedlock etc are harmful to childreniiTraditional family are the maintenance of our social fabric bNegative outcomes for children are due to the diversification of family formscTraditional nuclear family is central for the maintenance of important social systemsdFavor public policy that encourages this modelCLeft Liberal ViewpointaSociety can adjust to new family formsbPluralism and diversity are viewed as beneficial to important social systemscPublic policies should support families of all typesDIndividualism and FamiliesaDefining and contextualizing individualism
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