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Chapter 7 Notes

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SOCL 2505

103Chapter 7Cohabitation and MarriageHistoricallyMarriages were arrangedParents had a lot to do with who their children were marryingToday they are not as contributingStill being done in some culturesIn the United States expectations about marriage have changed drasticallyForming a UnionUnion Stable intimate relationship between two people who live in the same household but or may or may not be marriedParental Influencenot as strong as it once was Developing nations still strong influenceAnglo American CourtshipCourtshippublicly visible process with rules and restrictions process where people would find their spousesWould only look for their husband or wifeThe man would court the womanCarefully established social norms governed this processPublic meeting places group settingNight visiting family presentInteract with her familyParents were present during the datingNo privacy until engagementThis was the norm until mid1800sCourtship met its demise after 1900Migration from rural areasGrown children were able to leave the rural farm life to live in the city and make their own money and interact with a lot more peopleIdea of potential partners go up bc youre not with the same people all the timeMore independencemake more money and make own decisionsIndustrial capitalismHigher standards of livingAdolescence a new stage of lifeGeneral mobility increasedRange of choices increasedThe Rise and Fall of DatingCourtship now based on datingPeople began leaving home and going out on dates19451965 Dating involved the idea of taking the female somewhere and it was the males responsibility to take her out on the town Placed courtship on economic basisBecoming an economic exchangepaying money to take her out and the benefit is that he was seen with herShifted balance of power from women to menMen had the moneyWomen used to have the powerThe men would come to their house therefore on their terms and their familiesShifted balance of power from parents to teenagers and young adults1960s and 1970sdating system less connected to marriage people were dating just to date with no idea of marriageTrend toward independent living
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