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Exam 2Study Guide Chapter 61Sexual Identities a set of sexual practices and attitudes that lead to the formation in a persons mind of an identity as heterosexual homosexual or bisexualaHelps us define who we arebSexuality becomes part of your master status2Sexual Acts vs Sexual IdentitiesaCategories of Sexual ActivitiesiSocially approved intercourse with spouse in moderation and with intent to have childreniiSocially disapproved masturbation oral sex same sex intercoursebConcept of sexual identityiRequires self consciousness and self examinationcSexual acts were seen as sinful but DID NOT define someone of having a sexual identity3Emergence of Hetero and HomosexualityaPublic campaign against homosexualitybMedical literatureiHomosexuality is a psychological illness that alters a persons sexual preference1Model dominant until 1973 APA removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 19732Stigmatized and served as a basis for prejudice3BUT gave homosexuals an identity4Social Construction Perspective says that sexual identities are entirely socially created aPoint to cultural and historical variations that argue that sexual categories are defined by the society we live iniUnclear boundaries twospirit people Ancient Greece and Roman menbKinsey Reporta 1948 book by Alfred Kinsey detailing the results of thousands of interviews with men about their sexual behaviori had erotic feelings about other menii13 had sexual encounter with another maniii18 with predominately men for at least 1 yearivConcluded that sexuality is a continuum range from being completely homosexual to kind of homosexual not a strict concept1Not a good representation of population because it used volunteerscNational Survey of Family Growthshows that sexual contact with the same sex does not necessarily mean that person considers themselves homosexual or bisexual therefore it is socially constructed5Integrative Perspectivebelief that human sexual identities are determined by both social and biological factorsaTwin studies shows the importance of bothiIdentical twins versus fraternal or other siblings were more likely to both be homosexualbBiological component is important because of the conservative stance that homosexuality is a choice and that people can change their sexual identitycSexual identity is not learned having gay parents doesnt make you gay6Queer Theory the view that sexual life is artificially organized into categories that reflect the power of heterosexual normsaNot a formal theory but a political standpointbRejects the sharp split between heterosexual and homosexual way of lifecRejects the view that there is a biological influence on the organization of sexualitydWe do sexuality like we do gender7Family of Choicea family formed through voluntary ties among individuals who are not biologically or legally relatedaSimilar to kin networks among the poor created kinshipbActively constructed familiesiLive in an area that doesnt allow them to marry oriiAssigned kinship doesnt accept them8NonMarital Sexual Activity aDouble standard gap narrowed women can have sex before marriage toobThere has been an increase since the 1950s in the number of sexual partners women haveiSurvey of women asked women how many partners theyve had by 3011950s 66 1 partner 3 5 partners21970s 36 1 partner 22 5 partners9Marital and Extramarital SexaExtramarital Sex sexual activity by a married person with someone other than hisher spousebSexual Monogamy the state of having just one sex partnercSexual monogamy is the rule rather than the exceptiondGeneral Social Survey GSSiPercent of people who think premarital sex is always or almost always wrong decreased1Less people think premarital sex is wrongiiPercent of people who think extramarital sex is always or almost always wrong increased1More people think cheating is wrong10Adolescent Sexuality and Pregnancy aRise in childbearing outside of marriageiPeople having sex at younger ages but getting married at older agesiiPeople are waiting to get married but not waiting to have sex increases time that a child will be born without marriagebChanges in sexual behavioriThe gap between boys and girls had narrowed1The increase of premarital sex is rising in girls and lowering in boys about equal todayiiClass and race differences also narrowed not always the poor or AA pretty much all young people but still more common among poor and black 11The Teenage Pregnancy ProblemaAbout 750000 1519 year old women in the US become pregnant each year
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