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Test Socl 2 Combined Ainsli's Notes

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Chapter 6SexualitiesHistoricallyththBy the late 19 centuryearly 20 century 2 major categories developedoHeterosexualoHomosexualAlexander Hamilton fought in American Revolution commercialintimate closenessbond things said in the corresponding letters what we term homosexual now wasnt the same back thenDifferent spheres womenmen hadnt emerged at this time they shared jobs started to define homoheteroSexual identity historically is a new creationSexual identitiesSexual identitya set of sexual practices and attitudes leading to the formation in a persons mind of an identity as heterosexual homosexual or bisexual helps us define who we areDont ask dont tell debate illustrates social significance of what its like to be openly gayThe emergence of sexual identitiesSexual acts versus sexual identitiesoOnly socially approved and socially disapprovedApprovedwithin marriage to procreateDisapprovedall other actsoSexual acts existed sexual identities did notHaving sex with someone of the same sex didnt carry a sexual identity like it does nowConcept of sexual identity needsoSelfconsciousnessoSelfexaminationLate 1800ssexual identity becomes a defining characteristicthHomosexuality became a medical disease in the late 19 century which required them to receive treatment said to invade a persons personality and they must receive treatmentoIt wasnt until 1973 that homosexuality was no longer classified as a medical disorder but it still left negative or biased impressions on peopleEmergence of heterosexuality and homosexualityOpposite sex attraction considered normalThe determinants of sexual identitySocial constructionist perspectivebelief that human sexuality is entirely socially constructedoMale and female roles are preferredoModern forms of social identityIntegrative perspectivebelief that sexuality is determined by both social and biological factorsSocial constructionist perspectiveKinsey report1948 bestseller containing thousands of interviews with men and womenHalf of all men in his sample reported erotic feelings towards men13 had at least one sexual experience with another manKinsey concluded that 10 of males were more or less exclusively homosexual for at least 3 yearsShowed that sexual orientation was like a continuum running from exclusively heterosexual to bisexual to homosexual and showed the fluidity
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