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Sociology 2025 Notes Test 2 (Got A+ on the test)

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Sociology 2025 Notes Test 2Chapter 6Sexualities Sexual Identities A set of sexual practices and attitudes that lead to the formation in a persons mind of an identity as heterosexual homosexual or bisexual oHelps us define who we areThe Emergence of Sexual IdentitiesSexual Acts versus Sexual IdentitiesoOnly two categories of sexual activities existedThose socially approved intercourse with your spouse only with the intent to have children Those socially disapprovedoThose who were homosexual were seen as sinful and were prosecuted during this timeoThis idea that we have to be one or the other is a social constructoConcept requires selfconscious and selfexaminationThe emergence of Heterosexuality and HomosexualityoPublic campaign against homosexuality described homosexuality as a disease that altered a persons sexual preferenceoHeterosexuality was seen as normal oMedical literature through this we developed our language and conscious about sexualityModel dominant until 1973 Stigmatized and serves as a basis for prejudiceBut gave an identity The Determinants of Sexual IdentitiesThe Social constructionist PerspectiveoMaintains sexual identities are entirely socially created oPoint to cultural and historical variations and argue that sexual categories are defined by the society we live inoEx ancient Greece of Rome men were expected to participate in homosexual activitiesThis viewpoint is saying the way we define homosexuality is completely a social construct from now versus the pastoKinsey report a 1948 book by Alfred Kinsey detailing the results of thousands of interviews with men about their sexual behavior The integrative PerspectiveoBelieve that human sexual identities are determined by both social and biological factors people may be born with biology does serve a roleoMuch research done on twins shows the importance of bothRecruited men and women who identified as gaylesbian and had a same sex twinAlso had a separate group who had an adopting siblingFound that identical twins versus fraternal or other siblings were more likely to both be homosexual this supports the biological notion that theres something in us that were born with but it doesnt account for the other twins that didnt say they were gayoDoes it make a difference if there is a biological component to sexuality or notFrom this perspective it does make a difference yes it doesIf you can prove that its not something you can chose then they have nothing to stand on in their argumentoSocial constructionist perspective believes that its mainly a social construct and biology plays almost no rolloThe Integrative Perspective believes that both social and biological factors matter Questioning Sexual IdentitiesIdentities are always shifting unstable and arbitraryQueer Theory represents the view that sexual life is artificially organized into categories that reflect the power of heterosexual norms oWe are heterosexualhomosexual based on societies norm of what that means oIts not a formal scientific theory its a critical standpoint of homosexualityoIt rejects the short split between heterosexualhomosexualoIt rejects the view that there is a biological influence on the organization of sexualityWe do sexuality like we do genderBeyond the FamilyNetworks of FriendsoFamily of choicea family formed through voluntary ties among individuals who are not biologically or legally relatedoActively construct families because they live in an area that doesnt allow them to marry or lived witharound people who didnt accept it oSimilar to kin networks among the poorCreated kinship Living Apart TogetheroLiving apart together a relationship in which two people define themselves as a couple but do not live together oTwo TypesConstraint have children from a previous relationship and prefer to keep the household the way it is etc something thats stopping you By choice you prefer it that way or for tax reasons etcYoure just choosing not to live togetherBlurred BoundariesoBoundaries of the category family is becoming fluid and blurredoMany move across boundaries at various points in their lives Marital and Nonmarital Sexuality3 eras in attitudes toward sexuality and loveoBefore 1890 when sexual attraction and romantic love were thought to be inappropriateHad a lot of arranged marriages more for family gain etcDuring this time sexual activity was done in moderation with the intent to have children
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