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SOCL 2505 Exam 1 Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2505

Chapter 1Public and Private FamiliesJLexius RodriguezContemporary Family ContextTraditional nuclear familyLeave It to Beaver and Father Knows BestBreadwinnerhomemaker modelWhen you think of a family you think of a mom dad and childrenPatriarchy the father is being the rulerThe breadwinnerhomemaker model is not commonly used todayAbout 15 use the breadwinnerhomemaker modelModern familiesDiversity can either be tolerated or of great concernor as is often the case people can hold reservations about diverse family forms but still be tolerant of others decisionsDiversity is met with ambivalence having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someoneAmbivalence having strong feelings about somethingIn terms of family when talking about ambivalence there may have gay families Some agree with having gay families and some dontMarriage of different forms and not being married are becoming more commonThe family definition has changed because in the 1960s people believed in marriage before children however now some people may have children then get marriedTraditionalConservative ViewpointNegative outcomes for children are due to the diversification of family formsTraditional nuclear family is central for the maintenance of important social systemsFavor public policy that encourages this modelDivorced single parenthood may affect childrenLeftLiberal ViewpointSociety can adjust to new family formsPluralism and diversity are viewed as beneficial to important social systemsPublic policies should support families of all typesIndividualism and FamiliesDefining and contextualizing individualismPeople are developing a personal rewarding lifestyleBefore being with your family and parenting was important at mostNow selffulfillment is important at mostThere are 2 types of individualisms expressive emotions and utilitarian selffulfillmentWhat is a familyExtremesFamilies are so diverse that the concept may not be useful anymoreThere is a rigid definition of and only 1 true family formEconomicsWhen you think of money in the family what do you think Economic benefits your family gets money from the governmentCultural contextMonogamist one partnerPolygamist more than 1 partnerBelief of middle eastern countriesHow doshould we define familyA group of 2 or more people one of whom is the householder related by birth marriage or adoption and residing togetherA family is any group of persons united by the ties of marriage blood or adoption or any sexually expressive relationship in which 1 the adults cooperate financially for their mutual support 2 the people are committed to one another in an intimate interpersonal relationship 3 the members see their individual identities as importantly attached to the group and 4 the group has an identity of its own3 and 4 are abstractFamily formsVoluntarily ChildlessSingleParentNuclearFamily of OriginFamily of ProcreationExtended FamilyBlended or Reconstituted Family StepfamilyBinuclearPolygamous polygynous or polyandrousPatriarchalMatriarchalGay or LesbianCohabiting
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