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SOCIOLOGY 2025 Notes Test 1 (got 96%)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2505

SOCIOLOGY 2025 Notes Test 1Chapter 1 Public and Private FamiliesContemporary Family ContextoThe traditional nuclear family mom dad kidso1950s sitcoms portrayed the American Family at that time everyone was happy the war was over baby boom was starting at this timeThe idea behind the family at this time was the Breadwinnerhomemaker family The breadwinner is the dad and mom is the homemaker idea that he worked and she stayed homeLeave it to Beaver google it clips of dad barbequing outside and the kid in the show asks his dad why when they cook outside he cooks and inside the mom cooks The idea was that mom cant cook outside its out of her domainoTodays families are vastly differentThere are many more options now and different versions are accepted now Things have changed such as divorce rate single parent households etcSingle parent Gaylesbian mixed ethnicracial etcModern Family Clip as an exampleoDiversity can either be tolerated or of great concern TraditionalConservative ViewpointoChildbearingthink that you get married to have kidsoNuclear Familythink that this is the optimal family typeoThey think all other times are out of the norm and also negativeoMarriageman and woman only children that come from this marriage should only come after the marriage not beforeoDiversification of families is producing negative outcomes for childrenMarriage movementdivorce having children outside of marriage cohabitation are the driving force that causes this oConservatives also favor public policy that encourages and promotes marriage as the way out of problems ModernistsLiberal ViewpointoArgue that society can adjust to new family forms focus less on childbearing and more on personal rewards get married not because you need to have kids but because you want toDiversity defenderssay that diversity is a good thing for the family it provides opportunities for a more satisfying and fulfilling lifeoFeel public policies should support families of all types oBelieve in more of an egalitarian household joint between mom and dad things are equal ex mom washes dishes dad gives the kids a showerIndividualism and FamiliesoMore individualized view of family and personal life todayIndividualism a style of life in which individuals pursue their own interests and place great importance on developing a personally rewarding lifeTwo types utilitarian and expressiveUtilitarian emphasis on personal achievement and success I want to go to college graduate set career and then think about the rest of lifeExpressive more touchy feely emphasized developing your feelings and emotional satisfaction look for a person that can satisfy you emotionally Many people dont feel the need to get married because of individualism oIf you go the individualistic route theres more of a delay in marriageoIn the 1950s the median age of marriage for men was 23 and for women 20Theres a change in the focus now then it was thenIn 2010 it increased to 285 for men and 27 for womenoMore toleration for family life without the boundaries of marriage and the idea to never marry is acceptableWhat is a FamilyoTwo extremesFamilies are so diverse that the concept may not even be useful anymoreThere is one real and true family formoEconomic ImportanceMeaning of family member determines financial benefitsoCultural contextoWestern nationwe tend to think of the household unit as the family Small household based family of the parents and the childrenNo extend families mainly married couplesMonogamy marriage system where only one spouse is allowedWere most familiar with this context the westernoNonWestern nationsArranged marriages heavily influenced spouse picking women probably wont work outside of the homePolygamy allowed to have more than one spouse at a timeNo single definition of a family that is adequate for all purposesoHow you define a family depends on what questions you want to answerVarious Forms of the FamilyoVoluntary childlessoSingle parentoNuclear family oFamily of origin family where you came fromoFamily of procreationthe family that you made vs the family that you came fromoExtended family other relatives who are related to you in some way beyond the nuclear familyoBlended or reconstituted family formed when youre divorced or widowed and you remarry a person who also may or may not have children etcoBinuclearoriginal family divided into two families by divorce which consists of two nuclear families got divorced and got remarriedoPolygamousmore than one partneroPatriarchal dad is in control head of the householdoMatriarchalmom is head of the household oGay or LesbianoCohabitating live together look like a family but theyre not married
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