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Final Exam Study GuideChapter 11 Domestic ViolenceKnow the 1st law against wife beating Early HistoryPuritans believed government should enforce moral behavior not including husbands beating their wives First law against wife beating in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1641 Few people were charged with this crime Balance between preserving the family unit and of protecting women and children from abuse was difficult to maintain Know two models of domestic violencePolitical and Medical The Twentieth Century1 The Political Model of Domestic Violence referred to the relations of power and authority between men and womenPolitically constructed in two ways 1 DV definition2 Resources and benefits as society is evolving what we see as dv is changing and it is changing the benefits and resourcesStruggles usually over mens power to control women Rule of thumb you can hit your wife with a stick as long as it wasnt thicker than your thumb2 The Medical Model of Domestic ViolenceSeen as an illness and source of injury Main concern is with illness and well being Cure is through therapy or medication Has led to states passing laws requiring doctors
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