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CHAPTER 2THE HISTORY OF THE FAMILYPhilip Aris examined works of art dating back 1000 yearsAris concluded that the concept of childhood was a modern inventionThe public family is as old as human civilization but the private family blossomed only during the past few hundred yearsTHE ORIGINS OF FAMILYKINSHIPThroughout most of their existence human beings have been HunterGathererspeople who wander through forests hunting animalsgathering edible plantsIn societies in which a tribe ruled a territoryno other strong government existed people often traced descent through either the fathers or the mothers line but not bothWhat resulted were kinship groups called lineagesa form of kinship group in which descent is traced through either the fathers or the mothers linePatrilineagea kinship group in which descent is through the fathers lineMatrilineagea kinship group in which descent is through the mothers lineKinship developed as a weapon in the struggle for survivalIn tribal societies family t
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