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Final Exam Review Completed- Chapter 12 Section (scored 92%)

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Chapter 12 DivorceKnow causes of INCREASES IN DIVORCE1 Extramarital affairs but isnt most important cause These affairs mostly go undiscovered but when they are discovered its mostly forgiven2 Sexual dissatisfactionmore recent Shows how marriage has changed to individualistic Research shows second marriages are more sexually pleasing than 1st ones3 Economics during economic prosperity we see divorce rate increaseopposite during economic depression4 Rise in individualismpeople pursuing own personal happiness Know three eras when each occurred THREE ERAS OF DIVORCE 1 Restricted DivorceMid 19th century mid 1800sDivorce was difficult to attain took an act of parliamentMarriage and Divorce tied to religionAnnulment for Catholics only granted by church officials and ruled that marriage was never properly formed divorce forbidden marriage never consecrated or too closely related to spouse Protestant allows divorce in cases of adultery or desertion sometimes violence of husband grounds of divorce mainly included wifes adultery not husbands concerns over who would get property Institutional marriage around this timeIt was about economic partnership
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