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Race Relations Quiz 1 Notes (98% on the test)
Race Relations Quiz 1 Notes (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 2511

Race Relations Study Guide NotesTHINGS YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN AND MOREIntroduction to Native Americans The Peace TreatyBetween 1787 and 1830 142 treaties of peace and land cession were ratified by the Senate Nearly all of the territory east of the Mississippi had been freed of Indian title with an exception to the reserved lands of the Cherokee Creek Choctaw Chickasaw and Seminole tribes along with some lands in Michigan and Wisconsin 1 American Indian Policy 17871830 The United States said they were going to protect and bring about a peaceful relationship between white man and the natives BUT this was instead this was basically setting the stage for a more radical indian removal policy very screwed upThis so called peace treaty put the majority of land east of the Mighty Mississippi in the white mans hands2 Andrew Jackson was quite a dick to the indians as a whole becuase he said their only chance for civilizing themselves was to move west and that just becuase they may have saw numerous amounts of land in the east near their habitat doesnt mean they had the right to own that land it was apparently the United States land according to Jackson 3 William T Hagan compares the Trail of Tears of the Cherokees to Nazi appoaches to the handling of helpless people during the holocaust3 Assimilation and amalgamation the key to indians becoming white transition solution The two key strategies that were undertaken to separate Native Americans from their land assimilation and removal final solution 4 The plan would be to give the indians territory and supplies like farming equipment then once the land had become selfsufficient the white man could now hunt on the land sounds like slavery to me only incognito5 1830 Indian Removal Act signed into law by Andrew Jackson on May 28th Relocation was nonetheless justified on the basis that Natives were not using the land as God had intended Was the worst possible thing the white man could do to the indians6 Regarding the ongoing genocide of the Native Americans 18651890 and the opening up of land for constructionsettlement and railways for the white mans gain Abraham Lincoln who was once a one time lawyerlegal counsel for Illinois Central R
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