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Sociology 3101 Weil Final Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3101

Max weberfather of SociologyoMax weber and durkeim seemed to never know each other existedthFounder of sociology beginningtoward the beginning of the 19 centuryUsed emperical data to pull a theory from itoFirst to use data as proof and not what life should beBeginning of compariativehistory Weber came at the time when there was a century of perfectly kept emperical history and it was the first time to read everything writtenoNow not possible due to specialization and now there is too much information to readWas the first and the last time to do this because now we all want to know everythingWeber was making many hypothesis from this dataPeople trying to make concepts from these hypothesis oWrote the constitution for Germany after World War IWeber criticism of MarxoTo Criticize an idea you can call it a special case and that is what Weber did and he went on to say Marx only saw a sliver of the ral pictureSocial classsometimes they are important other times not so muchOverview o3 main things 1 Religion and religion and economics 2 economics history3 political sociologyFatherBougeosieprominant personMotherreligious person submissive to husbandWeber impressedpapiateReligiously unmusicalWe have to explain religion because it plays a big role in society unlike Marx who said he was a atheas and thus it doesnt effect meWeberdied in 50s oShort life but very productiveoWorked in germany but mostly in HiedelbergWeber instituteoTaught in BerlinoMunic last year of lifest1 journal of Sociology and departmentSpecialist in History and Political StructureInfluential figureoGermany Unified after the Franco Prussian war and then after wwI the germans lost so the government asked scholars to write the constitution for the nationPg1 weber introo4 thingsPg 2 religion and economicsWrote a series of essays and combined into a journalVery important writing in SociologyoMarx had made assumptionsMost advanced countries were western nationsBritian Unitied States Germany kind ofoDoes protestant religion have anything to do with thisoHis strategy something about religion may effect economicsoCalvinist theologytheology of predestination so you begin to look for evidence in life that you did good so you work really hard and dont consume itWhich in a capitalist mind set that is a great recipeCulture to structureStructure to cultureEither oroHelps to produce Encyclopediaeconomy and socity category15002000pageshow does nature effect economywhote about all the world religionswrote the section of the encyclopedia and several books the only religion he didnt write about was catholisis m1920munic Gave class on economic history
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