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Socl 3101 Test 2 Study GuidePART IGeorg Simmels Symbolic Interactionism Main FeaturesSocial structure maintained through organized activities of individuals with goals and intensionsSocial structure only exists to the extent that people orient themselves toward it and internalize itObjective culture parts of culture outside the individualSubjective culture peoples ability to produce internalize and maintain objective cultureSociologists should study peoples actions Simmels thoughtSimmel noticed how when we are presented with social situation we think about what that situation is going to require from us Mentally we try different courses of action How the situation will work out What will happen We then decide what action to takeGeorge H MeadQA1How are human societies possibleThrough our unique ability to creat and manipulate significant symbols2What makes us humanAbility to have a selfConsciousness of self allows us to step outside ourselves and think about who we are 2 Parts of SelfThe I The active part of self us when were doing somethingOur response to set of attitudes that others have toward us
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