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1017 Discussion about debate1020MARX Capitol Volume 1Later mature work he starts with different starting points still apolitical radical still working on economics still in the German philosophy tradition Preface and Postface he says first speaking to the Germans you may think that this is not relevant because its about Britain but it is relevant to you because of the scientific reliable scholarly knowledge economic theoryit tells us what the stages of economic development will be and Britain it at a more developed economic stage and Germany needs to watch Britain because it will show you a picture of your future oNot believednow there is not one path that all economics and societies develop on however Marx was not unusual at thinking this at his timeHe is still following Hagels thought and that he reminds the reader that he is doing a materialist version a economical version To take standard English political economy and turn it against itself he wanted to use the accepted bases of economics to criticize standard economics he succeeded at thisoPruitt victory economists put it on new footing starting with new assumptions and saved the economic theory and made it largely immune from Marxs criticism oMarx theory is built on labor theory of value not in dispute in his time from a free market theory to a socialist theory a generation later in the 1980s Alfred Marshall developed the theory of marginal utility oManuscripts of 1844Labor theory of valueoCan be traced back to Locke and Smith Locke said State of Nature in a state of nature agreeing with Hobbs people are free and they go wondering through the woods and appropriate bits of nature and mix nature with labor and consume the product that they have created you mix the nature with your labor creating a product that has value and this thing of value you consume you are using the thing you use it up and it then becomes part of you you are choosing the bit of nature and mixing your labor with it you are what you eat you are what you do etc you need to continually do this in order to livevalue raw materiallaborMarx agrees with thisoMarx starts with the definition Commodities defined external object which satisfies human needs of whatever kind use value how you use it and exchange value what you would trade it for watertaken the case where there is no scarce of it water you would say has a LOT of use we need water it is necessary for life it is cheap water has high use value but low exchange value because you cannot trade a glass of water for dinner car etc people would not give that must for a bottle of waterdiamonds what can you do with a diamond other than the symbolic value you look at it use value not much exchange value you could find a diamond that is worth as much as a car would be low use value and high exchange valueuse value is the qualities or the characteristics of the thing and exchange vale us quantativeyou would never exchange a thing of one use value of something with the same use value straight from Smith exchange use value qualitativeexchange value quantativehow many of one is equal to the amount of the otherthe amount of labor that goes into producing things or bringing things to the marketvalue exchange value is the labor that goes into the thingohow does this value work in a complete social setting and how is value created in the market and how to do you get value1General Formulation for CapitolOrdinarily commodity circulate through the market through moneyCommodityMoney different commodityTypical of an original producer Starts with money commodity moneyoThis also works but it looks like its absurd because you end up with the same amount of money and just had a useless exchangemoney is pure quantityoThe only reason you would do this is you would do is if you can buy a commodity and consume the commodity and then sell the commodity for a largerprofitMCMMMdMSurplus Value oIf the consumption of the commodity produces something you can sell more than what you bought it for if you look at who is engaged in the activities the working class does the C MC and MCM is that a person who is dealing with money does you have to find a commodity whose consumption has a more profit oyou can buy the labor power and you consume the labor power in production you can consume labor power produce things of value and produce things that are of greater value than things that went into it the price of labor power is the cost that it takes the owner of the labor power alive ovalue that it takes to keep a worker alive may be that it costs less to keep the worker alive than the worker is able to producewill starve a person should create things of more value that it takes to keep themselves alive the trick in a capitalist economy the employer buys the labor of time from the workeroMMdMSurplus Valueo A B CValue to keep worker alive may be at B that the worker has created himself alive and the worker still have the energy and ability to work more in the day necessary labor time A to B B to Csurplus value Capitalist economy the capitalist has bought the labor time the worker does not own the labor of power because they sold it Socialism you could use surplus to shorten working day to have more leisure time also for reinvestment use to improve the labor process to increase productivity allowing you to move B closer to A creating more surplus timeMarx says that the question is what to do with the surplus value worker or employer to keep itExploitation use how you use something B to C is the rate of exploitation of the worker how you use the worker oAll points to the unfairness that some people own the stuff and dont share if you are paying what it takes to produce labor time you are paying bare substance other wise you are paying for more that it costs to keep the person alive the worker is not getting any surplus oReserve Army of the Unemployed in capitalism there are increases of productivity you dont need the same number of working hours to keep people so you produce more capitol and it beings to produce redundancy or unemploymentyou dont need the number of people to produce the same amount of things and then you are laying people off and creating unemployment and workers are now competing for jobs and in the competition for jobs you have lots of workers available to fill a position so worker cannot say that I am going to withhold my job and not do it because there are no many other people will work at the substance wage that the other worker was not willing to work atoThere is a lot of unfairness going on the surplus value could be used to improve everyones position oMarx then turns is against it selfFind what value isoMarginal Utility whats a thing worth how should a thing be priced both supply and demand but also what the market will bare there is nothing intrinsicyou go up the scale and after you have paid for all the things that you 2have to pay for at that point where you have satisfied all your needs people would then compete with each other for this thing for how much they value it is it really worth it you have extra that you are willing to do it even through you know you could get it cheaper else wearat every level there is bidding going on and the price of the thing is determined by the people who are bidding and what they are willing to pay for it purely socialfashion 1022 review economics are the main determining factor and a concentration of capitol and there will be society of 2 classes worker and capitalistslabor theory of value exploitation of surplus valueCapitol very large book that he wanted to rest his reputation on outline of the work showing where he is goingoSo Called Primitive Accumulation where capitol comes from stolenTranslated German English German From Smith original accumulationSo we have a society which there are social classeswould you rather be in the social class with a better deal yes then how do people end up the lower of the 2 social classes where do these classes come from and how do people get to be in the good or bad class If all depends on private capitol which it is stocks money owning a factory owning the tools of the trade capitol by itself does not have to be privately held by the government collectively how did it get to be that wayoBecause of the expropriation of the original producers it was stolen from the original owners small farmer small craftsperson all of these things of small scale was stolen seized ripped away and he says that the record of this was written in the annals of mankind in letters of blood and fire credit was not given how violent the period wasoIf you go back Britain you will find that there were peasants on the land they had a common a common field that was owner by them they could farm it and harvest what they get there and they has to some extend they get a trade for wool developed on the continent and it meant that the lords could get more profit by using the land as sheep pastures the clearing of the estates all the peasants were evicted from the land that they had farmed and there was a process of encloses fences and it became grazing land for sheep no longer used for crops result of this is the creation of the homelessnesscreation of vacancy anyone who was farming at this time they were driven away and they could not support themselves by their own activities and they would need to work at a place where they get a wage and this lead to wide spread vacancy Robin Hood during the thElizabethan 16 century there were laws passed by parliament called Poor laws and under these laws homelessness became a crime oPeople wanted to move where the jobs arethey were making it illegal to move and if there was no work where you were you could not move to another place unless it was for a job you could be put in a workshop if you were found with the earnatch you could be hangedthere were highway men robbers Marx says these laws were intended so that people who lost their farm who did not want to work in a factory it forced them into factory work Marx says that the initial property that people had was seized from them and they were forced to take wage labor in factors where it was regimentedgovernment wanted to force the people into the factories because of the great lordsMarx lower status people who had been farmers could subsist on what they need but when they are driven off the land and earn money on wage labor they have to use the money that they earn to pay for the things that they use to make 1 makes them dependant when they were not previously 2 creates a market for the things that they are producingCapitol was stolen from small produces put in the hands of the large capitalists owners who then hire people and sell their products on the market and then you have a completely different economic systemThis should be undone we should not have this kind of system but we should not go back in history and redistribute things we should not find people and give them back land that they dont want it should be taken from the private owners and held collectively Socialismstill following Hagel thSeries of Newspaper articles 18 Brumaire of Louie BonaparteBrumaire month3
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