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SocTheory Study guide 2 (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3101

SYMBOLICINTERACTIONISMA persons self develops through contact and interaction with othersIndividuals gain a sense of self when they receive consistent messages from others Symbolic interactionism is based on the idea that social reality is constructed in each human interaction through the use of symbolsoHow selves emerge out of social structure and social situationsoAbility of actors to modify their behaviors to meet the needs of the present and immediate environment George Herbert MeadAsked 2 questionsoHow are human societies possible What allows us to create themThrough our unique ability we are able to create and manipulate significant symbols that have shared meaning ex languageSharing language allows people to put themselves in the roles of others reflexivity allows for people to adjust and modify their own behaviorOrganization of human experiencebehaviorsocietyHumans have the ability to manipulate their environment oWhat makes us humanWhat is it about human existence that separated use from other animalsOur ability to have a selfInot involved in selfreflection unsocialized and impulsiveMeself as an object ability to step outside ourselves formed as the object of others actions and views3 stages of developmentoImitationselfcentered lean that some behaviors are positively rewarded and others bring punishmentoPlaylearns through watching learning to act out roles oGameunderstanding of complex relationships between rolesEx baseball game all players know each others roles GoffmanDramaturgy
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