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3101 Midterm (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3101

1What is Theory explanationsmodels1TheoryWorknot just meant to be read but constructedconcept formationempirical generalizationtaxonomy 1TheoryResearch1SubstantiveGeneral Theory 1Emergence of Sociological Theoryhistorical contextpositivismorganicismTheory and fact are separable you cant have one without the otherScientific data is built around factual data 1What is TheoryTheory is an attempt of explanationExplain causal behavior Tentative explanations Are not supposed to last forever dynamicchangingGuide to accumulation of factsTheory as a modelmetaphorAn approximation of realitySociety is a flow of information over a network modelSociety is like a living organism ie organicism society is built of many organs working together as a whole August Comte 2Theory WorkConcept Formationtheories are composed of conceptsConcepts are words that denote a phenomenon Concepts have to be related to other conceptsScientific concepts have to have variables can be changed in its valueIntensityQuantityQualityScientific concepts have to be specified and others have to agree on it common meaningieWord GROUP requires a collective identity Understanding that they belong to itStructure leader membersShared ideas and interestsEmpirical Generalization theories and concepts are related in all casesObserving common occurrences Taxonomy a way of classifying the empirical worldieBiologyspecies families kingdoms phylumSocieties arrange themselves into classificationsSimple to Complex1Theory of evolution was social before it was biological Darwinism 1TheoryResearchAre inseparableTheories are always of something 1SubstantiveGeneral TheorySubstantive explains something specific Ie crime family religion behaviorGeneral refers to aspect of theory that can be applied to any substantive issueIe Theory of Suicide Emile Durkheim3 Questions General Theory will answer1What is society1establishes boundary of sociology and what it studies1society is the behavior of individuals in macro and micro forms 1What holds society together1How does it not collapse into a large mess2 branches of development in society1Consensus theory held together by a consensus of ideas values morals1Equilibrium equality interest in group1PowerConflict theory force and domination holds society together 1Society is held together by some having control over others August Comte 17981857 1Biographical Background1Intellectual HeritageprogressorderLiberation1Formulation of Sociological Methods 1Image of Society1Theoretical SystemSociology was developed in the early 19th centuryPeriod of disorder in Western Europe beginning of 18th century was dominated by the monarchy and church Esp in FranceOrganization of economy Industrial Capitalism Reordering of institutions central institutions have been replaced by political and industrial capitalism 1August Comte Was born after the French Revolution a period of chaos and rebellion Born in Montpellier France Comtes father was a royalist and was very loyal to the monarchComte had a very conservative upbringing2
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