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CONFLICT THEORY Karl MarxTook ideas from socialism and communism and put them into a broader ecological ideaHegel The Dialectic any particular argument has a sole basis in the reasoning behind it thesisHuman conscience cant be separated from material existenceEconomic determinismeconomic system of any given society determines the institutions of that societyoMeans and modes of productionLook at relations of productions to determine a persons position in societyAll that determines institutions of society government law family religion etcoLabor communityUse valueworth of that labor for yourselfExchange valueworth of that labor for saleHistorical materialismevery historical period throughout history can be designated by the dominance of a particular economic system oWhen a system is overthrown major social change occurs as a new system takes place inevitableoHierarchy in the relations to means of production under capitalism Bourgeoisie at the top Petite bourgeoisie forced into proletariat doctors lawyers shopkeepsProletariat wage workers make money by selling labor dont get full benefitLumpen proletariat underclass are chronically unemployedDurkheim You can only understand deviance if you study what we find normalCollective conscienceCluster of saintspeople committed to living right but blow little things out of proportion and create deviance Parento
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