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SOCL 3371
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Sociology 3371 Criminal JusticeNotesSalem Witch TrialsSalem Village MA 1692PuritansCritical of anglican church ran out of England Very very strictWanted to create a community based solely on the BibleChurch and state are essentially oneFirst legal code of the PuritansIncluded tons of religious crimes that warrant the death penaltyWitchcraft making a covenant with the devil The denial of GodIdolatryBlasphemySodomyAdulteryBaring false witnessThe devil first makes his appearance in Rev Parris homeMakes his presence known through the strange behavior of his 9 year old daughter Betty and his 12 year old niece AbigailThe girls are examined by a doctor who says they may be possessedThe girls claim that they are not witches but have been bewitched by othersFirst they name Tituba Rev Parris slaveRev Parris beats the confession out of her and wants more names out of herTituba names Sarah Good and Sarah OsborneThese three are socially marginalEasy targets for persecutionProcessFormal Accusation before the MagistrateIssue of an arrest warrant by the MagistrateThe crime is named on the warrantArrest of the accusedThe accused is jailedInterrogation is conductedPresentation to a grand jury and indictmentArraignment where the accused enters pleaTrial Court of Oyer and Terminer5 judges 1 prosecutor and the jury no defense what so everWitness for the prosecutionNot and adversarial proceedingPermitted evidenceAllowed to admit unusual evidence1 Confessions not a single person who confessed was executed2 Spectral the specter of the accused was seen in a dream
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