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Notes From 03/21/14

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3371

032114H v K 1977We subscribe to the requirement that the defendants actions must be a sufficiently direct cause of the ensuing death before there can be any imposition of criminal liabilityApplying these criteria to the defendants actions we conclude that their activities were a sufficiently direct cause of the death of George StaffordAffirmative defenses of justificationsDefense of defense self others propertyRS 1420justifiable homicide doesnt include protection of property RS 1419use of force or violence in defense Force or threat of violence must be immediateimminentForce used to prevent attack or crime had to be proportionate and necessary to stop it RS 1421aggressor cannot claim self defenseTownsend v Commonwealth of Kentucky 1971while hunting men were loading up their dogs and at some point a weapon was fired in their direction but no one was injuredEveryone left including Townsend who didnt unload his gun while passing a house which he believes was may have been the people who fired at themHe stops and asks two men why did you fire at meOne man the victim said they did not fire at him at which point Townsend said Youre a goddamned liarThe victim began approaching Townsends car Townsend repeatedly told him to not come any closer at which point Townsend grabbed his weapon and continued to tell the victim not to approach himTownsend then claims he believed the man had a gun so he shot the vi
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