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Case 5 Chapter 5

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3371

Case 5September 21 2012Crime Occurs In Baton Rouge in 1992People involvedYoshi HattorioExchange studentWebb HaymakeroHost family for YoshiThey are going out to go to some Halloween partythey end up at the home of Rodney and Bonnie Peairs oThey end up there because they end up transposing the address and ended up at the wrong houseoThey didnt realize anything was wrongBonnie Peairs family was sitting down to dinner she goes and gets the door belloShegoes to the door and sees the two boys there oShe saw the costumes One is dressed like John Travolta from staying aliveOne is dressed like half assand just has bandage on himoShe gets scared screams to her husband to go get his gun and Rodney doesHattori and Haymaker start to walk away Rodney yells to freeze Hattori doesnt understand so he keeps going and he shot him in the heartThe grand jury indicts oThey indict Rodney for manslaughterThere is a trialoJury trial oProsecutorDADoug MoreauoDefense AttorneyLewis Unglesby Reasonablethis word comes up again and againoRodney believes he was in the right Murder was in sudden passion or heat of blood5 grades of homicide in Louisiana Justifiable HomicideoThe only way you feel like you will survive is if you killthe otheroHomicide is justified if killed lawfullyinside a dwelling place of business or a motor vehicleVerdict was Not GuiltyHattoris want someone to apologize face to face or in personoThey never receive thisHattoris are horrified to find out how many people own guns hereoThey want to run an antigun campaignoThey file a law suit against the Peairs Civil trial PlaintiffsMr and Mrs HattoriDefendants Rodney and Bonnie Peairs and State Farm Insurance oThey are suing him for the wrongful unlawfuldeath of Yoshi HattorioThey do not havea jurybench trial They are civilly liable death of YoshiThey need to pay 650000This never happens because state farm covers this and by now the Peairs are pretty much tapped out with the money
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