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Notes From March 26 2014

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SOCL 3371
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Notes from 032614Irresistible impulse testused as a supplement of the McNoughton test because it became apparent to judicial officials that a mental disease or defect could cause someone to not be able to control their behaviorEx Jeffrey Dahmer entered plea of not guilty by reason of insanity and this test was usedSearch warrants in LA must be executed within 10 days of it being issuedLook at pg 201 The Exclusionary RulethExclusionary Rulecreated by USSC4 Amendment protects against illegal search and seizuresIn 1914 court case Weeks v United States the court creates exclusionary ruleFederal case in conjunction with federal agents city police went to Fremont Weeks residence a boarding house Weeks went to work in the morning and the local police searched his room without a warrant and took all kinds of stuff to use as evidence of interstate gamblingThen Federal agents went to Weeks place of employment arrested him then later both city police and feds went back to Weeks room and took more stuffWeeks was convicted despite protests evidence was illegally obtainedCase went to USSC which said The US Marshal could only have invaded the home of the accused when armed with a warrantInstead he acted to make seizure of private papers in direct violation of the constitutional prohibition against such action
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