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Socl 3371 Exam 3

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SOCL 3371
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Socl 3371 Exam 3 Materials31510Case 9oPaula Meara Springville woman police officer trying to move up the rank at a time where the job was mainly of male dominance oThey did not base her authority by her skill but rather on her genderAt the time they favor the male gender and race Usually a white maleWill not really do much in this chapter but should read and ask questions if needed31910notes from classmateFriday go to the LA Supreme Court site wwwlascorggo to frequently asked questions and print them out And print la district court and the la court of appeals maps Tithingsten families10tythingshundred families1 or more hundredsshiresFrom the get go development in policing had problems of corruption and brutality because of political interest that often clashed with interest of citizens headofshireshirereeveprecursortosherifflateronthedevelopmentontheconstablereinforcedbythieftakersbountyhunterstorestorepropertypresentselfbeforecourtandgetpaidafeeGotoutofcontrolneededpolicingtookadvantageoftheirpositionRobertPeel1829successfulatconvincingparliamenttogivethecityofLondonwhathewasaskingforLondonMetroPoliceactpg181FirstpoliceforceUniformedidentifiableUSstartedwithwatchsystemnightwatchlikeinLondonhumancryExtendedtodaythenfulltimewatchsystemRapidurbanizationlotsofpeopleinsmallspacewatchsystemwasntadequatebeginningsofmodernpoliceforceStartingBostonNYChicagoPhillyNOComeingraduallyThe Three Eras of PolicingThe Political Era 18401930Primary function of police was to provide a range of social services to citizenryOrganizationdecentralizedPolicecommunity relationshipintimateTacticspatrolling neighborhoods on foot bythemselvesnocommunicationinthedarkStrategic goalsatisfy the needs of citizens and political bossesStrategic weaknesswidespread police corruption and brutalityowerentgoingtomessaroundwithpeopleitwaspitchdarknessopoliceabletobuywayintodeptandpurchasepromotionsoprotectionracketsolittleoversightoverthepolicep184WickershamcommissionformedPresidentHerbertHooverThe Reform Era 19301980progressivemovementcleanuppolicedepartmentcallattentiontotheproblemPrimary function of policecrime controlOrganizationcentralizedochainofcommandoquasimilitarywithranksstartedoffasPolicecommunity relationshipprofessional and distantoworkedtopolicenotworkasdogcatchersetcopolicetrainingotakingadvantageoftechnologyTacticspatrolling neighborhoods in cars rapid response to emergency calls for service 911 callsoLostcontactwithcitizensinareastheyarepatrollingincarsoBlue curtainsocial isolation in the making cut themselves off from interaction with members of communities they patrolStrategic goalcrime controlStrategic weaknesslack of communication with citizens fostered mistrust and community violence riotsThe Common Era 1980presentPrimary functionto continue to control crime while providing broader range of social services
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