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Chapter 9

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SOCL 3371

Exam 3 Chapter 9101512England developed an informal system of policing called Kin Policing o871900 oKin is everyone in the extended family oPolicing was a form of private justicerevengeretribution blood feudsNorman Conquest 1066oMore formal systemFrankpledgeoPeople are still handling dispute among themselves but there are more formal developments that are taking place at this timeoTything 10 families Tything man was in charge of the 10 families Used as a unit to form larger geo political unitshundredten tythingsLead by the constable oShire 1 or more hundredslead by the shireman Night Watch oEvery able body male was in charge of taking care of the groupoThey in a sense formed a posse in the city The city was divided in the areas and certain groups of the able body male were supposed to be in charge of them They were usually 12 and older and they were responsible for arming themselves Day watch was referred to as Ward oYou have people who are police and then boysoThis went on until 1285they passed the Statute of Winchester Formalized the watch and wardo1700thief taker system
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