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SOCL 3371

Case 1 NotesthWitchcraft was a crime back in Salem in 1692 5 amendment right to self incrimination right to due process right to a grand juryoReverend Parrishs houseInformal reported crime people didnt want it to spread that there was witchcraft in Massachusetts Titchiba shared her beliefs to the childrenDoctor hopes that these things happening to the children is just a disease but the verdict is that theyre not sick and that Salem has witches in its midstArrests were made and three women were detained until the trialoThere were preliminary hearings to determine the legitimacy of accusationsoThey were indictedformally charged with witchcraft a capital crime felonyIndictmenta formal charging documentMultiple trials were held to determine if the person accused of the crime actually committed it One can avoid trial by a guilty plea which can be beneficial in some cases in order to get a less severe punishmentIt wouldve been beneficial for them to plea guilty because then they wouldnt be executed but instead imprisonedThe sentence for being a witch was death by hanging if convicted Each died by hanging except one guy they were trying to get to confess but killed him by using rocks to get a confession and the rocks collapsed his chest and it killed him however wasnt sentenced to this deathThe Salem population was homogenous in a sense they were all had very similar religious beliefs morals lifestyles etcThe Massachusetts Bay Colony createdadopted a setcodes of law to let everybody know what was legal and illegalThey were highly religious in nature which were incorporated into their laws and brought a lot of English government to the New World oWitchcraft is when you make a pact or covenant with the devil and in essence reject or shun GodThe Puritans were highly against witchcraft because of their strong religious beliefs and their codes of law were highly influenced by their religious beliefs Capital Crimes felonies besides witchcraft included oIdeology oBlasphemy oAdultery oSodomy oBaring false witnesses oMurder oKidnappingoWitchcraft etc5 Forms of permitted evidence oSpectral Evidence pg 3Witness testifies they saw an image of the accused person in either a dream or apparitionoTrial by Test Had to pass a test by reciting the lords prayer without messing up oAnger followed by Misfortune Person who was accused becomes angry with someone and later that someone has a some sort of misfortune oPhysical sign on the body of the accused Skin abnormality or visible signs that were evident of a made pact with the devil such as a wart scar or moleoConfessions People that were being accused were social outcasts or people with lousy dispositions in society Chapter One 82710Witchcraft in Continental Europerepressive controleconomic motive o12 million individualslarge proportion of menwealthy womenoMen and women that were accused were propertied and wealthyoInquisitorial systemWitchcraft in Englandrestrained system of control o100 individualsprimarily poor marginal womenoAdversarial system Herbert Packer oWhat are the two competing models of the criminal justice systemDue processcrime control modelsCrime Control Model conveyor beltvisual aid
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