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SOCL 3371 Chapter 10

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3371

SOCL 3371CRIME AND JUSTICE Chapter 10Key Termsjurisdictionthe geographical district or subject matter over which the authority of a court extendscourts of limited jurisdictionalso called inferior or lower courts these courts are restricted to processing of misdemeanor trials and arraignments preliminary hearings and other pretrial proceedings for serious felony trialscourts of general jurisdictionalso called trial courts these courts are authorized to handle all criminal and civil proceedingscourts of appellate jurisdictionthe jurisdiction of these courts are restricted to matters of appeal and reviewrough justiceinformal proceedings within the lower courts which do not conform to formal due processcourts of recordcourts in which a full transcript of the proceedings is made for all casestrial de novo systemstatutory right of a defendant to a new trial in the general court system if convicted in a lower courtappeala request by a convicted defendant to have a higher court review the proceedings claiming an error in due process proceedings that significantly affected the outcome of the caseremandruling of a higher court directing a lower court to rehear the case with a new set of proceedingsintermediate court of appeala court charged with automatic review of all appeals by defendants whose decisions are subject to review by a court of last resortcourt of last resortcourt whose ruling has final authority in a given jurisdictionwrit of certioraridocument issued by a higher court directing a lower court to prepare the re cord of a case and send it to the higher court for reviewcertiorari powerjudicial discretion of a supreme court to select cases for reviewRule of Fourthe requirement that a minimum of four US Supreme Courto justices must consent to issue a writ of certiorariaffirmruling by an appellate court to uphold the decision of a lower courtreverseruling by an appellate court to overturn the decision of a lower courtright to counsela defendants Constitutional right to the assistance of an attorney during prosecution
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