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Lecture 3371 Test 1

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August 28 2013 Witchcraft Case1692 Third major religious crisis Salem has to deal with within a short period of timeHome of Reverend Parris in Salem MAYoung girls into magic girls start to exhibit crazy behavior doctor cant do anything for the girls declares them possessedWitchcraftPracticing Witchcraft means you are making a pact with the devil turning against God and following the devilPeople begin to visit the town and notice the girls strange behavior declare it WitchcraftCrime OccursComplaint three individuals are accused of being witches signing with the devilTituba slave from West Indies a cook in the Reverends houseSarah good single woman with children wondering the streets panhandling not friendlystSarah Osborne owns property from 1 now dead husband now married cohabiting living together before marriage Arrest Warrant Feb 2 9Preliminary HearingIndictmentTrial Jun 2OyerTermines Witchcraft is viewed as a habitual offense Idea that the pact with the devil means the devil comes into your body specter in one place and your body in another Devil cannot occupy body of an innocent person only the willingEvidence1Spectral2Anger followed by misfortune3Marks on body 4Trial by test lords prayer without error or the ten commandments5Confessions Verdict Guilty Sentencing DeathAugust 30 2013 Chapter 1 Crime is a sociallegal constructionIWhats a crime1Varies across societies2In time 1 may not be a crime at time 2 in the same society 3Varies in a particular society at one point in timeIILaw and MoralityNatural law pg 11 set of moral principles universal to all humansIIIDue ProcessPrinciple of Legality aThere is no crime without a lawbThere is no punishment without a lawSubstantive law states which type of behavior is prohibited and your consequences for that behavior Procedural law safeguard for due process which includes rightsBill of RightsArticle 1 sec 9 Writ of Habeas Corpus writ means orderOnce incarcerated you are able to challenge the legality of the crime you are detained for Adversarial vs Inquisitorial Systemth6 Amendment Right to an attorney Pg 16Right to a trial by juryRight to know the chargesRight to crossexamine prosecution witnessRight to speak and present witnessRight to a speedy trialth5 Amendment Protection from selfincrimination th8 Amendment Protects against cruel and unusual punishment September 4 2013 Case 2 Scottsboro Case1865 the Civil War ends
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