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SOCL 3371
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Final Exam Study Guide Cases 151617Chapters 1516 17CasesBaldwin vs New York Baldwin was arrested and charged with jostling in violation of NY Penal Law16525 a misdemeanor punishable by a maximum term of one years imprisonment Jostlepush elbow or bump against someone roughly typically in a crowdHe filed a pretrial motion for a jury trial which was denied under the mandate of NY City Crim Ct Act40that all trials in that court shall be without a jury Baldwin was convicted and sentenced to imprisonment for the maximum term The state court of appeals affirmed the conviction rejecting his argument that40 was unconstitutional insofar as it denied him an opportunity for jury trialUS Supreme Court Case that held the decision No one shall be denied the right of a trial by jury as ththper 6 amendment and made applicable to all the states by the 14 amendment if faced with a maximum penalty of 6 months or more incarcerationWhen faced with multiple charges only the most serious is taken into account The charges to not add up to reach the requirement California vs OJ Simpson OJ Simpson was put on trial for the murder of two people of which he was acquittedOj Simpson denied bail at initial appearance Grand Jury disbandedPreliminary Exam Hearing Lasted 6 days Held in Los Angeles Municipal CourtTrailLasted 130 daysCost 13 million Jury sequestered Commonwealth of Kentucky vs Paul Lewis Hayes The respondent Paul Lewis Hayes was indicted by a Fayette County Ky grand jury on a charge of uttering a forged instrument in the amount of 8830 an offense
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