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Socl 3371Agents of thecriminal justice system must develop accurate information about crime to design valid strategiesThey are various methods of measuring crimeConsensus definition of crime that they are acts that are outlawed because they conflict with the rules of the majority and are harmful to society The belief that the majority of citizens in a society share common ideals and work toward a common good 4 Beliefs1The law defines crime 2 the law reflects traditional beliefs morals and values3 consensus exists on what is right and wrong4 law apply to all citizens equallyConflict definition of crime belief that law is controlled by the rich and powerful who shape its content to ensure their continued economic domination of society To protect wealthy and belongings from those not as wealthy To make sure drug laws ensure that underclass workers are sober and go to their jobs Business and white collar crimes receive lenient punishment 3 Beliefs1Law is a tool of the ruling class2Crime is a politically defined concept3The law is used to control the underclassInteractionist Definition of CrimeFalling between the consensus and conflict views this definition suggests that criminal law is structured to reflect the preferences and opinions of people look at slideThose who shake the legal system are most dedicated to changing it these are moral entrepreneurs they wage moral crusades to control the behavior that is immoral or wrongEx abortion laws laws against smoking weedAll these generally agree on 4 pointsCriminal law defines crimeDefinition of crime is constantly changing and evolvingex increase terrorism laws cyber crimesSocial forces mold the definition of crimesCriminal law has a social control function legal form of social control function in the US
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