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Chapter 3 Review

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SOCL 3371
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Chapter 3Crime and JusticeSeptember 12 2012Felony one gets a sentence of more than 1 year and they have to serve it in a state prison oCrime Reported Law enforcement has to know oInvestigationoArrestMost are made without warrants and you have someone in custody Within 48hours not counting weekends and holidaysA judge is going to decide whether or not that arrest was valid or lawfulProbably cause No probably causepersons must be released from custody oBooking Arrestee is searched finger prints are taken photographing 48hours until they have to release the arrestee without a warrantoInitial Appearance within 72 hoursFirst time arrestee appears in courtAssign counselBail determination th8 amendment No bail if you have committed a violent crimeOr a drug related crimeoPreventive detention
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