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Sociology 3501Exam 1January 17 2013Chapter 1 What is Deviant BehaviorIWhat is devianceaA violation of social norms that elicits a negative reactioniJust because it is different does not make it deviantiiTo be deviant you must perform the act of deviance regularlyiiiPeople believe deviant behavior causes harm1Not truejust because its legal doesnt make it safe and vice versabSo what are normsiFormalInformal rules that society creates to governregulate our behavior1They can be prescriptive meaning they tell us what to do2They can be proscriptive telling us what not to doiiNorms are observedpicked upimitatediiiNorms are relative to different cultures meaning they vary1From group to group from time to time2This means that deviance is also relativeivNorms not only regulate our behavior but they facilitate our interactions1We usually dont recognize them until theyre violatedvYou have to understand norms to understand if something is deviantviThere are different types of norms1FolkwaysaNorms that govern minor behaviorbIs it appropriate to pick your nose at the dinner tablecTheyre not serious but it doesnt mean that there are not consequences for itdExampleiElevator Behavior1When youre alone you can do whatever you want because nobody else is there2Someone else gets onaGet quietbMove aside2MoresaMore serious norms that when are violated we consider it bad or evilnot just abnormal bMany are formalized into laws thats how serious we hold themcThe only thing that separates deviance from norms is the lawdExampleiHomicide1The killing of one person by another3TaboosaThings that go against social norms and are usually creepySociology 3501Exam 1January 17 2013bProhibited or restricted by customcExampleiIncest1All societies have an incest taboo but they each define it differently 2Since genetic abnormalities actually have a low chance of happening with incest why might society dislike incest3In the past it was used to keep the power and money within a familyso what might the benefit be of getting out of the family4Form political alliances share moneyiiEating human fleshIISocial ControlaThe ability of a group to regulate the behavior of its membersiHow does groupssociety make people do what they want them to do1SanctionsaThey can be positive or negativeiPositiveFormal1When someone does a lot for their community they get keys to the city2Honorary CitationsaPurple heartsbThey can be formal or informaliInformalPositive Sanctions1SmilingGreat JobBody LanguageiiInformalNegative1TimeoutSpanking2GossipRidiculeiiiFormalNegative1TicketsPrisonShunningOstracizingIIIPositivist Theory versus Constructionist TheoryaPositivist must be scientifically verified1Want to know the CAUSES of deviant behavioriiAbsolutism1It simply means deviance is absolutely real2If deviance is real it is different than conventional behavior3If that is true then the people who are engaging in it they are different from conventional people 4Deviants are different from conventional people5We can then identify those behaviors and the causes and eliminate it
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