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Suicide (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3501

June 12 2012SuicideWhat is suicidePerson intentionally taking ones lifeHave to be able to determine their intent to categorize it as a suicide or notMythsTwice as many suicides than homicides in the US occur each year 30000suicides each year compared to 15000homicides each yearSuicide rates peak in spring compared to winterMen commit suicide more often than women but women attempt suicide more than menCaucasians have a higher suicide rate than A Americans thSuicide is the 10 leading cause of death in the USElderly have highest suicide rates amongst age groupsoSuicide is not a leading cause of death for elderly because they die from other things Suicide is leading cause of death amongst teenagers because they are not dying from other things o1 Unintentional injuries o2 Homicide o3 Suicide US RateWay to calculate rate is SR of suicidespopulation100000Rate tends to fluctuate between 1012oThis means for every 100000 people in the US 12 commit suicideoOver last 10 years US has fluctuated between 1012 This only gives us one part of the pictureoDoesnt take into account attempts oFor every 1 completed suicides there are 11 attempted suicides In 2002 there were 31655 completed suicideso132353 hospitalized for treatmento116639 were hospitalized for treatment and then released Rates allows us to make comparisons of groups of different sizesoie US to another country or issues in US like elderly vs teenagers oPopulation in US is always fluctuating so that is why rate is better than set numbers In US we underestimate how many suicides are really happening in USoThree ways to classify a deathSuicideHomicideAccident oThese three classifications can cause measurement errors oDifficult to determine between suicide and accident because sometimes intent is not known letters etccould be leftProblem of Suicide We know how many people commit suicide but we dont know all the numbers of people who attempt suicide that never get medical treatment We also dont know how many people threaten with the idea of suicide but we dont have good numbers to make comparisons or statistics 1
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