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Deviance 2 lectures Notes (98% on the test)

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Deviance The violation of a social norm that elicits a negative reactiontextbook definitionoSocial norms are the rules that govern our public behavior The communitygroup makes these norms based on what there culture sees as acceptable and normal They tell us what to do and what not to do What people expect from us and what we expect from other peopleWhen people violate these norms it can make you uncomfortable and can even get one in trouble Norms and Deviance are relativealways changing they vary over time and space Kind of norms vFolkways These are etiquette based norms like holding the door not belching at the dinner table etc Less serious not going to jail for breaking theseelevator behavior is also good example Often times we are not aware of these until they are violatedMoreys Much more serious types of norms and many times these norms have been written into law and formalized Ex Murder vs homicidejudged by whether there is intent and justification Taboos actually a category of moreys Very serious moreys Example would be incest Every society has an incest taboo but they are viewed differently and it changes from place to place and over time Another example would be cannibalism within the human race oSanctions The responses to violations of social norms They can be positive or negative and formal or informal positive informal would be like nodding your head when you like someones idea Negative informal frowning or cursing someone Formal negative getting a fine or ticket incarcerationAll deviance is not necessarily different Everyone lies and that is deviance Deviance is not always harmful and not all harmful things are considered deviant Everything that is considered deviant is also not always unusual oYou dont become an overall deviant by lying once but once you break from the norm enough times is when the person begins to form a deviant identityTheory Two perspectives three characteristics for eachoPositive Perspective pg10 I thing Absolutism Deviance is absolutely intrinsically real hence deviance or deviants can be subject to study deviants are different from conventional people Objectivism Deviance is an observable object hence objective research or scientific methods can be used
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