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3501 Test 3 Final (got 94% in the course)

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SOCL 3501
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Sexual OrientationHow to measure sexual orientationMenWomen64Samesex feeling94Samesex behavior2814SelfidentificationReluctant to admit to samesex feelings behavior and selfidentificationTrades Kinsey rejects idea that people are 100 homosexual or heterosexual More or less heterosexual or homosexual allows movement in sexual orientationSituational People that engage in samesex behavior in certain situationsEx Prison military boarding schools lugs Lesbians until graduationHustlers56 of population is homosexualHomophobia negative attitudes towards homosexuality0 tolerance punishable by death100 tolerance marriageUS depends on stateOlder southerners less educated lower income African Americans conservative ruralNegative Stereotypes MythsPromiscuity frequency of sexual intercourseMen homosexuals are more sexually activeWomen homosexuals are the least sexually activeLack of family valuesHomosexuals want families hence the laws Sexual predatorsOver 95 of molestation cases the perpetrator is heterosexual maleHIVAIDSNot limited to homosexuals1Religious beliefsMarital bias sex is supposed to be within marital vowsProcreative bias should be married to procreate2Traditional gender roleMale works woman has babies Masculine strong active rationalValue masculine traitsFeminine weak passive emotionalHeterosexism societal reinforcement that heterosexuals are superior to all others Examples marriage bansStates where homosexuals are not allow to adopt or serve as foster parentsREAD intersexed and transgendered theories of homosexualityIllicit Drug UseMythsIf it is legal it must be safeEx Alcohol prescription drugsIllegal drugs are the most dangerousAll drug users become drug addictsRecreational useDrug useaddiction only exists among the lower classDrugs use in ALL class and racial groupsDrug addiction linked with higher SESThere are no risks associated with marijuana useMajor categories of drugsClassified based on effect they have on the central nervous systemOne problem with this system is that drugs can have differing effects on the CNSCategoriesDepressantDrugs that reduce depress the activity of the CNS
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