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31814 DeviancePhone sex Nude Dancing Sexual Harassment PornographySimilarity between phone sex and nude dancingoPhone sex operators and nude dancers are both selling a sexual fantasyoThese people see their clients and things as money not peoplePhone sexoThe most common caller is the quick sex caller because of being paid by the minute oQuick lovelorn psycho jealous the likeables the ones they are the most attracted to maybe one moreNude Dancing sexual fantasyoThe better she sells the fantasy the more money she makesWhy They make a range of 25k75k which isnt awful when compared to our median income level not all women can earn the same kind of money looksRace and age are big factors for this tooNovelty women are also a thing like big boobs or ability to do something more interestingEach establishment can be a limiting factor as well the area Who goes Men of course but in general more working class guys because the sexual fantasy helps them escape the reality of them not being able to attain these women Money is a factor that can trump the other factors about going Could be seen either way but customer has more control because he is the one holding the cashSexual Harassment oAn unwelcome act of a sexual nature any sexual conduct that makes the workplace environment hostile or abusive so the person cannot perform their joboTypes
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