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SOCL 3501

DevianceA violation of a social norm that elicits a negative reaction More than being different being common or uncommon being harmful Can be lying very common belief in ghosts and aliens belief in them is common but dont acknowledge because its deviant smoking cigarettes legal very harmful seen as deviant to a non smoker but not to a smoker drinking alcohol harmful legal pharmaceuticals harmful highly addictive heroin harmful but not as harmful as cigarettes illegal deviantWho decides whats deviant People of society with a lot of money and powerSocial NormNorms are standardsrules of behavior Tell us what to do and what not to do They are relativevary from group to group and vary over timeDifferent typesGovern minor behaviorsFolkways Everyone knows themIt goes unsaid and you just pick it up Tells us what to expect from other people and what they can expect from us Govern our public behavior A violation of a norm throws it all off we dont know what to do next hence the awkward feelingCan be etiquette manners side of the road you drive on elevator behavior etcGovern more serious behaviorMoresImportant to us Justifiableunjustifiable Both are determined by each society as to which is more acceptable Murder self defense honor killing death penalty moralsTaboosMost serious So serious we dont want to even think about them much less talk about them Every culture says who someone can and cant have sex with Encourages people to marry outside the group Can be incest eating humans to stay alive inheritance politicalSanctionsRewards or punishments to get people to do what we want them to do Can be positive or negativeformal or informalInformal Negativespanking a childInformal Positivehigh fiveFormal Negativeprison fines executionFormal Positivekey to the citySocial ControlThe groups ability to regulate the behavior of its members In terms of what we do to our bodies a lot of the norms came from religionPOSITIVIST VS CONSTRUCTIONISTPositivistAbsolutismDeviance is real If it is real then it is intrinsically different than conventional behavior therefore deviants are different than conventional peopleour behavior to some extent is determined by outside forcesDeterminismOutside to the individual social factorsEveryone is not presented with the same opportunities etcPerception of choices given by society are differentRacial socializationAge socializationGender socializationObjectivismif deviance is real then it can be measured counted ultimately controlledQuantitative statisticalConstructionistRelativismdeviance is relative Nothing is inherently right or wrong Society determines whats right or wrong and who is good or bad Can be Jessica Rabbit Im not bad Im just drawn that way Its not bad theyre just labeled that way Context is very important to understanding deviance We have to understand the act from the actors point of view and the way the group views itVoluntarismfree will We choose what were gonna do voluntarily Comes down to the choices we makeSubjectivismwant to understand the behavior from the actors point of view what it means to them Actors define their acts different than society Can give you breadth not depth Different methodsInterviewing techniquesEthnographyThese theories view deviance in very different waysboth have advantages and disadvantagesEx Study gangs from positivist perspective Contact police and get their recorded data Statistical approach Limited No day to day life of gang members only those who have been in touch with the policeEx Study gangs from the constructionist perspectiveSurvey conducted in neighborhood Interview people Limited Can give you depth not breadthWhats the difference between crime and deviance The law Everything criminal is deviant Everything deviant is not criminal
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