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Chapter 9 Heterosexual Deviance

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SOCL 3501

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Sociology 3501Exam2Heterosexual DevianceoSexual Devianceo100 Consensus Normative BehaviorHeterosexual sex within marriage for procreation via missionary position is the closet we can get to 100 consensus normative behaviorSo what if we take out procreation factor Consensus decreases same effect with removal of other factorsThere may be conditions where even this may be seen as deviantIf you are 50 and you have a lot of kids And youre trying to have moreo100 Consensus DevianceCloset we can get to 100 consensus deviance is incest pedophilia necrophilia bestialityoTeen SexoNot including 18 and 19 year olds in class discussion Book discussion includes everyone under 20oSeen as deviant because it is PMS premarital sex but we dont want teens getting married either oPremarital SexAttitude towards it NegativeBehavior toward it Overwhelming majority engages in itWhy so much PMS Because people are waiting longer to get marriedBecause a lot more people are attending college and want financial stability before marriageWhat makes teen sex deviantThe idea that theyre immature and dont understand the consequencesTeens more likely to engage in risky behavior and probably wont use condomsTeen pregnancy rate goes up and so do abortion ratesSociology 3501Exam2Dropout rates go up among teen moms so they cant get good job which leads to poverty Teen moms are more likely not to get prenatal care More likely to drink and smoke during pregnancyUnprotected sex goes up and so do STD ratesEmotionalpsychological effects go along with teen sexTeen sex rate in the US at its lowest point everoStill 69 times higher than other countries like the US50 of high school senior have had sexSex Education in SchoolsArguments against it If you talk to them about theyre going to want to run out and do itAnother argument against it is that its the parents rightresponsibilityoParents might not do it or might wait too late to do it or may not have accurate information to giveArguments for it Teaching them safe way to do it before it becomes a public health issueNot only is it the parents right to teach their child about sex it is the kids right to know about their bodiesoWhen parent dont talk to them about it they get their information from their friendsAbstinence ProgramsKids that only learn about abstinence usually postpone sex for 18 monthsOnce they did become sexually active they were less likely to wear condomsSome information given in the abstinence programs were inaccurateoEx said that HIV was transmitted through sweatComprehensive Sex Education Programs
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