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Chapter 7 Suicide Notes

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Sociology 3501Exam 2SuicideoWhat is it Intentionally causing your own deathoHow muchoMeasurement issuesoThreatenors attempters completersoQuick QuestionoDepression is the leading cause of suicide False but it is a risk factor A correlate but not a cause Millions of people suffer from depressionoTeenagers have the highest rate of suicide in the US False the elderly dooSuicide rates peak in the winter False they tend to peak in the summerspring Seasonal defective During winter time they hang around familyfriends so they are more likely to pick up on cues Sluggish in the winter and renewed energy in the springthrdoSuicide is the 10 leading cause of death in the US 3 leading cause in adolescenceoPeople who talk about committing suicide are unlikely to do it False people used to think that is someone talked about suicide they wouldnt do it oSuicide in the USoEach year around 3000050000 deaths are classified as suicide In order to classify a death as a suicide we have to know their intent This produces measurement issues Medical examiners get to make classification accidental undetermined etc it is argued that we undercount than over count suicide rates Suicide rates are about twice the number of homicide that occurs in the US but of course homicide gets the most attention oSuicide RatesoSuicide Rateof Suicides Population 10000oThis gives suicide rate per 10000 people in the USoSuicide rate in the US typically varies between 10 and 12 For 2010 the rate was 124 For 2005 around 11 This is the year used in the bookoSuicide rates vary by age race and genderAmong 1524 years old suicide accounts for 20 of deaths annuallyMen are more likely to commit suicideSuicide attempts are higher among womenSociology 3501Exam 2Peak ages are differentFor women it peaks between 4554 rate is 9 per 10000 populationFor men suicide rates begin to rapidly increase at 65 with those aged 75 and older having the highest rate 36 per 10000Even at their peak women suicide rates are below the national average The rate of suicide for adults aged 75 years and olderoSuicide rates vary by raceTypically whites and Native Americans have the highest suicide rates oDepends on age group and which yearWhite older males have higher rates and younger Native Americans have higher ratesoSuicide is someone intentionally taking their own lives We have to be able to determine intent Sometimes we cant sometimes we can This causes measurement issues homicide accident suicide undetermined so it isnt a perfect measure Determining intent is hardoA lot of consequences for classifying something as a suicide harm to family theyd rather not see it that way selfblame and blame from others insurance doesnt pay for suicideoThreaten attempt commitcompleteoThreatenersMade explicit threats that they are going to commit but haventoAttemptersMay have threatened but have also tried to take their own livesWomen more likely attempt especially the traditional woman stay at home wifeSubstance abusersyounger Use less lethal methods pill popping wrist cuttingPeople who turn to drugs and alcohol in order to cope with problems are more likely to attemptoCommitCompleters
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