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Lecture 3501 Test 2 (got 93% on the test)

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October 1 2013 SUICIDEthDepression is the 10 leading cause of suicideElders have the highest rate of suicide in the USSuicide rates peak in the spring and summerSuicide in the USEach year around 3000035000 deaths are classified as suicideThis is about twice the number of homicides that occur in the USthSuicide is the 10 leading cause of death in the USSuicide RateofsuicidesSuicide rate x 100000populationThis gives a suicide rate per 100000 people in the USThe suicide rate in the US typically varies between 10 and 12 For 2010 the rate was 124 For 2005 around 11 This is the year used in your bookSUICIDE RATES VARY BY AGE GROUPAmong 15 to 24 year olds suicide accounts for 20 of all deaths annuallySUICIDE RATES VARY BY GENDER AND AGESuicide rates are higher among men Suicide attempts are higher among womenFor women suicide rate peak between 4554 rate 9 per 100000 populationFor men suicide rates begin to rapidly increase at 65 with those aged 75 and older having the highest rate rate 36 per 100000The rate of suicide for adults aged 75 years and older was 163 per 100000SUICIDE RATES VARY BY RACE andhave the highest suicide rates Typically WhitesNative AmericansWhat is itSuicide Someone intentionally taking hisher own lifeHow muchCould have measurement issues
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