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Chapter 11 Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3501

Internet DevianceoInternet PornographyoWhy this Easy anonymous sexual outlet private can access all types of fetishesoWho White middle class men at leastare married oHow much and when Aboutof Internet users admit to looking at porn online About 25 of Internet searches are related to sex Much of it takes place during work hours 70 of traffic12 of internet websites 42 million contain pornoChild PornographyoIllegal to make possess view or exchangeoWho More common among White middle aged menMany are considered pedophiles and many are collectors of pornographic images With the Internet it can distributed throughout the world making it difficult to track However the number of websites offering child pornography has declinedoChildrens Exposure to PornAverage age of first exposure to online porn is 1190 of kids aged 816 have viewed porn online1 out 7 youths using the Internet have been solicited for sex14 of kids aged 717 would freely give out an email address compared to 29 who would give out their physical address oCybersexoWhat is itExchanging erotic pictures emails andor messages in chat rooms for purpose of sexual stimulation oWho
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