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Chapter 10 Notes Continued For Final Exam (got 94% in the course)

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Chapter 10 continuedoSexual OrientationoHow would we measure that We could ask what sex are you attracted to same sex feeling same sex behavior and selfidentification There are different aspects of social orientationoSame Sex in America StudyMaleFemaleQuestions46Same Sex Feelings94Have acted in same sex behavior2814SelfidentificationoMen have done same sex sexual acts but dont identify as homosexual Its a stigmatizing identity so they are reluctant and there is some under reporting You can engage in homosexual behavior but identify as heterosexual We tend to think sexual orientation is fixed and it doesnt fluctuateoComing Out ProcessoThis involves people publicly identifying themselves as gays or lesbians Before coming out many do not privately identify themselves as gay Troiden presented a detailed analysis of how most gays acquire their gay identityoFour StagesSensitization The gays felt that they were different from their peers I never felts as if I fit in I dont know why for sureDissociation about 17 years of age the gays began to feel that they might be gay but refused to define themselves as such They may be hostile to gays but calling the faggots in this stageComing Out age 19 regarded their sexual feelings as definitely gay got involved in the gay subculture and redefined gayness as a positive and viable lifestyleCommitment the gays now mature adults are committed to gayness as a way of life They insist that they are happy being gayoDoesnt believe everyone is either 100 gay or 100 straight maybe it isnt as black and white as we may think
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