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Socl 3510 Criminal Violence (98% on the test)

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3510

June 11 2013CHAPTER 12What is violenceForces of natureoTornadoes hurricanesSportsoRugby football ultimate fightingPsychologicalAnimalsoAgainst animals or by animaloDog fighting killing for eating dog bitesCorporateoCorporate devianceoFord pinto caseIf the pinto was hit a certain way it would burst into flames and people couldnt get out Ford chose to just pay peoples family who this happened to rather than recall all of the vehicles because it was more cost effectiveWe define it as behavior by persons against persons that intentionally threatens attempts or actually inflicts physical harm NRCViolence versus Criminal ViolenceMain difference is LAWWhat constitutes criminal violenceoConsensus modelStructural functionalist approachSociety is made up of many different interdependent parts institutionsA great deal of cooperation and agreement on norms values and laws harmoniousoConflict modelSociety is made up of many different competing groups for resources and powerDominant group defines the rules and laws which reflect their values and use institutions to maintain their position of power at the expense of the less powerfuloConstructionist modelSymbolic interactionismLook at the interactions between people and develop a shared outlook of societySocial reality social constructionThis is how we see this this is how it really isHow social problems become defined as such and developMedia influence People in powerExample Serial killersGot attention in the 80s when FBI and other agencies developed units specified to understanding profiling and catching serial killersTV exaggerates the severity of serial killers and their prevalenceOnly about 23of homicides are attributed to serial killersSelf defenseoAlthough it is intentional violence to hurt a person the law defines it as not criminal violencelook up West Memphis ThreeHow to Study Criminal ViolenceCriminological Perspective oTry to explain why the behavior occurs and what effect it has on societyoBeginning of the eventdetails about the actual criminal exchangeCriminal justice perspectiveoFocus on law enforcement courts correctionsoEnd of the eventthe crime took place now what as a society are we going to do about it to stop it from recurring come up with theoriesPublic health perspectiveoFocus on risk factors structure and culture criminogenic commodities people in illegal markets and situational risk and risk preventionoAbout victimization because that is where the injuries happen Which groups have higher rates of certain kinds of victimization Cultural adaptations Things that put us at risk of victimization Obstacles to Valid and Reliable DataSome forms are rareNot easy to observe because of settingMany go unreportedMay be normalized for some groupsOffenders have motive to conceal violenceTypes of Violent CrimeUniform Crime Report does not necessarily match up with the law in a particular stateoIndex Crimes4 violent homicide aggravated assault forcible raperobbery4 property larceny theft burglary motor vehicle theft and arsonFBI Identifies 4 as Part 1 Index CrimesoCriminal homicideA murder and nonnegligent manslaughterDef the willful nonnegligent killing of one human being by another
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