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SOCL 3601 EXAM 1 REVIEW50 Multiple ChoiceSkinny Scantron3 Major Theoretical Perceptions1 StructuralFunctionalismlooks at functions of society and what makes them function as a wholehow changes in one part of society affect other parts2 Conflict Theoryformed by Carl Marx2 basics economic determinismdetermines basic institutions of parts of that Society economic system is most important because it shapes other parts other basic historical materialism3 Commonality between systems small groups of people can become very wealthy by making other people workMarx said workers will band together and overthrow their oppressors and that every major change in history happened when one economic group takes overanother oneStructuralFunctionalism and Conflict Theory are macrolevel meaning societies remain before and after members of it dieSymbolic Interactionismtheory by George H Meadsays nothing in society gets done unless its done by individual human beingshumans have feelings and specific symbolsspecific symbols have meaning and are recognized and used by societycould be signs flags languagea system that helps thinking abstractlymicrolevel view of societyRational ChoiceExchange Theoriespopular in the 30s and 40sexchangelook at everything as what we will be rewarded with if we behave a certain waydo benefits outweigh costssystems of rewards and punishmentsSocial Learning Theoryby Albert Bandurawe internalize what we are taught by other peoplewe believe what people tell uswe need a system of rewards and punishments because sometimes people dontlearn as were supposed tovicarious learning watch other people see what they do see how people respondto them whether they get punished or rewarded
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