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Weeks 3 And 4

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3601

Sociology 3601Weeks 3 and 4Ralph H TurnerThe Real SelfTurner described people of the early 20th century as institutionalsSociety changed mid20th century to impulsivesIs this a good or bad changeEverything changes quicklyCulture lag norms and values change more slowly than technologyModern society produces impulsive people want to try new things Break out of the normThrough impulsives we get innovation and progressThere are different expectations for all people Our sex age social class religion and race all play an important role in how we are treatedOppositional CodesWays that members of a group show other members of society they are with themClothing symbols language vernacular Thorston Veblen created the idea of conspicuous consumption buying things to show wealthstatus in societyCars jewelry etc Speech differences Ex primer working class people pronounce it as primeer upper class pronounces it as primmer Regional differencesAccentsReasons for blackwhite speech differencesPhysiological differences differences in the mouth tongue and larynx Reason it cant be true why dont we see these differences in all countries African origin idea that ebonics ebonyphonics comes from African cultureDr Walter Wolframs Ocracoke Island Study wanted to study generational differences in black people over time Found that blackwhite speech differences were only present in black people that were in school after desegregation Conclusion they are oppositional codes that black people created to set themselves apart after their color didnt African American speech styles more common in cities Blackwhite differences are much more pronounced today than in the first half of the 20th centuryThe Linguistic Poverty HypothesisLower class people swear more than middleupper class people because they lack vocabulary to express themselves not much research to support Geoffrey Hughes 1991SwearingLooks at how and when swear words developed
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