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Socl 3601 Exam 3

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3601

Socl 3601Exam 3Close RelationshipsFirst well look at friendships then at romantic relationshipsFriendshipstend to be with the same sexcross sex friendships do exist but are less common WhyThe Hidden AgendaAnn Landers described love as a friendship thats caught on fireThat can be the case but what if 2 ppl of opp sexes are friends1 wants to move it beyond a friendshipother person doesntIn the back of our minds in opp sex friendships always have the thought of what the potential is for them to be moreIf one person does try to move it forward in that case the friendship will never be the sameMenwomen are brought up in 2 different cultures according to many researchersthus are taught to view the world in different waysFactors in friendship formationHomophily our friendships tend to be w ppl who are the same age ethnicity social class etc ie the people that we have the most in common withPhysical proximityalso a factor in our friendships if you never cross paths with someone youll never meet them much less develop a friendshipApartmentdorm study where people who lived out in the middle of the apartment complex made more friends than those who lived closer to the entrances exitsRaceclass only certain ppl can afford to live in certain residential neighborhoodsFoci of activity people who have certain common interests will come together around those common interestsMenwomen are pushed toward different interestsfoci of activity is oppositeof homophily in a way but the 2 are not mutually exclusive ideasResearchers have also pointed out gender differences in the ways that menwomen tend to maintain their same sex friendshipsmen shared activites doing things with other guys watching sports fixing cars drinking beer shooting pool etcwomen selfdisclosure talking about things sharing their feelings talking about their relationshipsother peoples relationshipsthis makes sense w the gender rules we had described butoneil questions the research bc he doesnt think it tells the complete storydont women do things w each other shopping etcthere seems to be a certain amount of androcentrism in the researchsecondary finding of the experiment the men in the sample knew just as many intimate details of friends lives as the women did However the researchers didnt find or propose any explanation for this possible explanations men are more telepathic than women umm nomen run around peeking into friends windows prob notproblem with the research maybe sointimacymenwomen approach this word differentlywomen emotional closenesssharing of feelingsmen a sexual relationshipRomantic RelationshipsWhat attracts us to another personphysical attractiveness may be 1 of the first things but for a strong relationship certainly need more than thatPeople tend to marry others at the same level of attractivenessthe relationships between people of equal attractiveness tend to last longer than if there were a disparityWhat is attractiveCoyote ugly phenomenon waking up next to someone you feel is now uglywhat happened to make them attractive the night before besides drinking
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