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SOCL 3601

Balance Theorydescribes how we strive for consistency or balance in relationships and attitudessystemoTo tell if a relationship is balanced or not multiply the signsoCognitive dissonancewhen thoughtsbeliefs in our head clash with each other oWe are much more likely to change our attitudes than our behaviorCrimes against natureany nonprocreative sexual actoLawrence v Texas 2003oModified to protect heterosexual married couplesoUsually enforcedapplied to homosexuals and prostitutesSocialPowerPowerthe ability to get someone else to do what you want them to do whether they want to or not 3 main sourcesoUse of forceuse or threat of harm until they give in oControl over resourcesholding back someones needs tangible or intangible until they give you what you want or do what you wantoControl over peopleauthority legitimation of powerEx parent over children president over militaryConflictLabeling Theorists people in power in society get to make the rules oParticularly true for people who run institutions There are 4 different types of authority oTraditionalbased on longstanding ways of doing things ex monarchiesAlways open to question what is king doesnt have sonsoCharismaticbased on the exceptional characteristics of the leader ex MLK Jr Ghandi JesusQuestion of what happens when leader diesoLegal Rationalbased on formal legal documents and written laws oExpertbased on special knowledge and skills ex DNA scientist as witness shamans
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