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Socl 3601 Notes

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Louisiana State University
SOCL 3601

January 16 2013Structural FunctionalismoMacro levelConflict TheorythoFrom Karl Marx 19 centuryoClass differencesoMacro level view of societyAbove and beyond the individualFocus on social structureSymbolic InteractionismoGeorge H MeadoMicro LevelViewoTalk all you want about class but nothing gets done wo the individualoCreate and manipulate significant symbolsShared meaning for evey1 in societyoFlags religious symbols etcoPrimarily languageBehaviorism comes from symbolic interactionismoAll human behavior in terms of stimuli and responseoRewards and punishmentsForm habits then only an occasional reward is necessaryoBF Skinner Experiments with pigeons through rewards and punishments to do tricksHe thought humans are no different advanced cognitive abilityMost people in socl dont like behaviorism because it ignores the ability to think Exchange TheoryRational Choice TheoryoA lot like behaviorism but takes into account that we have a brain and can thinkoDrawbacksSocial Learning TheoryoAlbert BanduraoDescribes three ways that we learn1 Internalizing what we were taught by other peopleRight from wrong how things should be done2 Rewards and punishments3 Vicarious learningObservation of others positive and negativeDramaturgyoErving GoffmanDescribed life in terms of stagesWhen around people we present a character like an actorwe need our audience to believe that character because if they dont the interaction will not go wellCommonly misunderstood Critics say that he is saying that we have no selfJanuary 18 2013Sociobiology 1975oEdward WilsonFrom HarvardTheory of look is that life is all about rreproducing genesTheory does not hold up wellToo many variations for any one theory to be completely trueoHumans stand out from other animalsAdvanced cognitive abilitiesWe walk uprightFrees up handsBetter viewpoints for spotting prey and predatorsShouldersMost efficient cooling system of any other land animalThrough pores and sweat glands this gives us our advantage in huntingNo other land animal can run farther yes fasterWorld openness and plasticityCan survive a lot of different environments by shaping ouraround the environmentoThe more specialized an animal is the more dependent on the environmentHumans are not specializedA lot of our variations are because of adaptation to different environmentsWeak instinctsBorn helplessTakes a while to become physically and mentally matureRequires help from othersWe have to survive a social environmentFeral childrenoChildren deprived of human contact in early lifeoWill not ever develop physically mentally or sociallyoNever grow to their correct size
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